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Detergenti ed Igienizzanti non a base alcool ma di Benzalconio cloruro.
Molecola molto utilizzata come agente igienizzante e conservante di molti detergenti in commercio.

Detergenti ed Igienizzanti non a base alcool ma di Benzalconio cloruro.

Prodotto cosmetico in gel ideale per la detergenza e l’igienizzazione delle mani. La speciale formulazione deterge e igienizza velocemente le mani e da un’immediata sensazione di benessere e morbidezza sulla pelle. Il prodotto applicato non necessita di risciacquo, non unge, non appiccica, garantendo un’igiene profonda per se e per gli altri.


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    This is a topic that’s close to my heart… Many thanks! Where are your contact details though?

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    For lovers of creampie. Required. Warning. This game requires the Adobe AIR application installed (download), if you do not have it installed … (or its analogues)
    1. First you need to download the Adobe AIR application.
    2. You download the application from Adobe AIR, called Adobe AIR Creator.
    On the Adobe AIR Creator website, find the file to download.
    4. Install the application.
    5. Go to the page where you downloaded the Adobe AIR Creator application, click the “Downloads” button.
    6. Download the Adobe AIR Clipping Path application.
    7. Install the Adobe AIR Clipping Path application.
    8. Find the site where the program will be located in your browser and copy the code that is located on that site.
    9. Paste the code into the Adobe AIR Clipping Path application.
    10. You wait for the program to install on your computer.
    11. Run the program
    11. Launch the program.
    Choose a program you want to play.
    Tick which program you want to play.
    13. Press the “Play” button
    14. Check if the “Cancel” button is pressed.
    14. Check if the Cancel button is pressed.
    15. Play
    16. At the end of the game turn off the computer
    16. Turn off the computer at the end of the game
    17. Press the “Done” button or the “Cancel” button
    18. Pull out the flash drive and connect it to another USB connector. 19.
    19. Insert the disk with the distribution disk into the computer and install the system. 20.
    20. 20. Launch the installer from the “Start” menu. 21.
    21. Click the “Install” button. 22.
    22. 22. In the “Choose installation folder” window, choose where to install the system.
    23. 23. In the “Choose installation partition” window check “Default”.
    24. 24. Select the desired language, if needed.
    25. 25. Click the “Next” button.
    26. Click the “Install Now” button 27.
    27. Agree with the license agreement by checking the box “I accept the terms of the agreement”. 28.
    28. Click the “Next” button 29.
    29. Select an installation location
    30. Press “Next”.
    31. Select the folder where you want to install the program
    32. Press the “Next” button
    33. 33. The program starts installing.
    34. The installation wizard starts.
    35. Click the “Next” button.
    36. Click the “Install” button
    37. Click the “Install” button
    38. 38. Click “Next”.
    39. Select the folder where you want to install the program
    40. Click “Finish”.
    41. Assign a name to the program
    42. Choose a location where it will be located
    43. Launch the program.
    After starting the program the “Welcome” window opens Click on “Next” 58.
    58. 58. You will be taken to the window for choosing the installation method.
    Select “Full”.
    59. Click on the language of the program.
    You will get to the window for language selection.
    Choose our native Russian language.
    60. Select the checkbox, which allows us to run the program.
    Click on the “Done” window and click on “Next”.
    61. You arrive at the window to select the paths: https://softscollection.com/
    3159f51914 zennell

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